Kyukaruizawa Hotel OTOWANOMORI



The four seasons of KaruizawaKaruizawa, a town with rich nature and culture

In 1886, a Canadian missionary visiting the area was fascinated by the beautiful and rich nature of Karuizawa and set up the first villa.
This missionary (Alexander Croft Shaw) made the summer resort “Karuizawa” known to many people, and it has developed not only as a summer resort, but also as one of Japan's leading resorts where visitors can rest throughout the four seasons.
We will introduce you to places where you can enjoy a time of relaxation through the history, culture, landscapes and nature that are unique to Karuizawa.

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Otowa’s HospitalityThe warm hospitality of a grand and historic building

Built by Japanese in the era of Civilization and Enlightenment, and based on the important cultural property of Western architecture called the Historic Mikasa Hotel, Otowa no Mori was established in the quiet forest of Kyukaruizawa in 1982.
A calm classical space and the long-cultivated, fine hospitality of a hotel staff. Visiting for the first time, one somehow has a sense of nostalgia. Please enjoy a relaxing stay in Otowa no Mori, remembering that feeling.

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Otowa CuisineThe long-loved dishes of Otowa no Mori

Otowa cuisine featuring vegetables purchased directly from local farmers and a wide selection of seasonal ingredients from Shinshu (the Nagano area). The cuisine called “Otowa food” sometimes surprises you with unexpected combinations of ingredients.
Please feel free to enjoy our French cuisine at "Restaurant KEIKI”, or our Japanese food and charcoal grill at the hidden "Otowatei", not only on special occasions, but on any day of the week.

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