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Otowa Cuisine Information on meals

We cherish the sense of the seasons and ingredients and carefully select local ingredients
and fresh vegetables so you may enjoy the blessings of the four seasons that you can taste here.

French Restaurant KEIKIRestaurant KEIKI

A classical French restaurant that has remained unchanged since the establishment of Otowa no Mori.
From the inside facing the garden, you can enjoy the seasonal scenery of Karuizawa.
Please spend a relaxing time in this calm atmosphere.

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Chef's greeting

Restaurant chef Yuki Takayanagi

It is our pleasure to deliver food that will be remembered by everyone who experiences it, and food that you will want to eat again.
Each and every plate is made from the heart so that the combination of ingredients and bright colors can make you smile as you bring each bite to your mouth.
Please feel free to visit us when you feel, “I want to eat something delicious …” or of course on birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

Restaurant chef Yuki Takayanagi