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Party Rooms Five unique party venues with hospitality
that let you convey your gratitude

Party venues can be selected according to how you wish to spend time with guests,
from small private venues to a full house with overnight accommodations.

Party RoomsParty Rooms


A chic, restful space inspired by the study in a British residence.
The warmth of abundant trees and the bright sunlight falling from skylights warmly wraps the cozy party scene.
Please enjoy your precious time with your family and close friends.

Number of people 6-25
Features ・ Private room for a few people
・ A space where you can enjoy conversation and food with guests
・ A homey relaxing atmosphere

La MaisonLa Maison

Climbing the spiral staircase, you find an entire floor of private space where you can spend your time at the hotel. The taste of Karuizawa with a combination of retro and elegance that makes you feel the history of a good old villa. There is a private restroom and a bar for guests on the same floor. It is a venue for adult parties where you can enjoy eating and chatting elegantly.

Number of people 20-35
Features ・ The private feeling of a reserved floor
・ A classical, relaxed venue with the feeling of traditional Karuizawa
・ A home party feeling with close friends


The popular restaurant "KEIKI" in Karuizawa, which has many repeat customers, is a party venue where you can enjoy a limited number of fine meals each day. Fresh dishes are immediately transported one after another from the kitchen with bursts of hot air. The bright venue is lit by windows on both sides and overlooks a reserved garden where squirrels and birds play. It is a restaurant wedding venue where you and your guests can experience Karuizawa with your five senses.

Number of people 30-45
Features ・ Spend time with guests in a private garden
・ Enjoy meals while looking at the view from the window
・ An informal, casual restaurant wedding

The Cotswolds House KaruizawaThe Cotswolds House Karuizawa

A wedding style where you can spend time with your guests in a villa reserved for your party until the next day. Many happy hours continue in this venue, where you can be without worrying about time or movement, from the after-party to the next day's breakfast. Invite your guests to an excursion in Karuizawa where you can feel the freedom to coordinate your time at the villa.

Number of people 30-60
Features ・ The venue’s being fully reserved lets you spend time freely without being troubled about your surroundings
・ Relax without worrying about your guests’ accommodation and movement
・ The venue supports everything from the after-party to the next morning’s breakfast


The hotel's main banquet hall "Mikasa" with complete facilities. A large, chic and relaxed space that can comfortably cater to many guests. Outside the large windows on two sides of the hall, you can see the overflowing nature of the courtyard. The scenery of each season is a treat where you can hear the song of birds and the peace of trees.

Number of people 45-160
Features ・ You can enjoy the view from the large windows facing the courtyard
・ Comfortable, calm, fine-quality space for any age group
・ The couple can move around in a spacious meeting place without needing to worry about guests