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A strict ceremony The inheritance of an English Church
A solemn ceremony

KyuKaruizawa ChapelKyukaruizawa Chapel

A white chapel in a quiet forest

A white chapel in a quiet forest

A white chapel settled in the quiet forest of Karuizawa where the scenery of each season is beautiful. The magnificent and beautiful stained glass depiction of the "Annunciation" to the Virgin Mary is a symbol of the chapel and makes the viewer feel very warm and happy.

The inheritance of history

The inheritance of history

“Kyukaruizawa Chapel” was built under the guidance of the Anglican Society in honor of the missionary “Alexander Croft Shaw” who created the “Karuizawa Shaw Memorial Chapel”, the oldest church in Karuizawa. In keeping with the orthodox church of the Kingdom of Britain (Anglicanism), warm wedding ceremonies are held in which feelings are transmitted even in solemnity.


The couple to be married will receive counseling and join a wedding rehearsal (orientation) led by the incumbent chaplain (Japan Anglican priest).
By having the couple understand the meaning of a Christian wedding, it is hoped that it will be a more meaningful ceremony.

Karuizawa Shaw Memorial Chapel

Kyu-Karuizawa ChapelKaruizawa Shaw Memorial Chapel

"It is the oldest church in Karuizawa,
built nestled in a grove in 1895 by the English Church (Anglicanism) Priest A. C. Shaw,
called "The Father of Karuizawa".
Solemn formal wedding ceremonies are held in the chapel,
which is of the English Church under Canterbury Cathedral as its mother church,
and which serves as a place to relax the hearts of people visiting Karuizawa.

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