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Weddings to satisfy all five sensesWeddings satisfying the five senses

The five senses consist of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch, and human beings experience the state of the outside world by these senses.
The sense organs are closely linked to the heart, and when all five senses are comfortably fulfilled,
the heart feels a deep peace and is released from various stresses.
Weddings that satisfy the five senses and personify Karuizawa.

Sight − Vision −

The long-cultivated, fine hospitality of a hotel staff is on display from the moment you step in.
A style of service that treats each guest as an important friend makes Otowa feel like a second hometown that you want to come back to again and again.
Visiting for the first time, one somehow has a sense of nostalgia.


Smell − Smell −

The only sense among the five senses that acts directly on our instincts.
Scents evokes memories and bring back past times.
Natural aroma oils scent the hall to give you a pleasant time on the day of your wedding.
An Otowa No Mori original recipe evokes images of Karuizawa’s forest and wind. One day when you smell this scent again,
may the memories of your wedding day be vividly revived.
With that hope, we provide fragrances for your enjoyment.


Hearing − Hearing −

When you step into the courtyard you will enter into the silence of a sacred atmosphere that feels as if time had stopped for a moment.
The sound of birds and the murmur of trees in the gentle breeze. The occasional toll of the bell.
This healing space free from other noises will be an experience of the true nature of Karuizawa for guests coming from afar.


Taste − Taste −

Otowa cuisine produced by the local-area-loving grand chef is based on the best recipes and uses vegetables grown under mist that are purchased from contract farmers as well as seasonal Shinshu ingredients in all dishes.
And above all else, it offers an exceptional marriage of materials you would not expect to find.
The synthesis of sauces and garnishes sometimes surprises our guests into exclamations of delight and have led to the term “Otowa food”.
Please enjoy the moments when your tastebuds are satisfied with Shinshu wine carefully selected by the sommelier.


Touch − Touch −

Before the traditional wedding ceremony, a priest conducts an orientation in an historic Anglican (British Church) chapel that originated with Missionary A. C. Shaw who opened up Karuizawa about 130 years ago.
The priest delves deeply into the couple’s background and helps ease any anxiety or tension they may have while discussing their values and visions of the future.
It is a unique wedding ceremony where the couple’s words and personalities are expressed towards the audience and feelings of gratitude and love touch the guests' hearts.


Concept− Otowa Wedding −

At the beginning of the Meiji era, Karuizawa,
one of the nation's leading resort destinations,
was founded by Canadian missionaries and now touches the hearts of over 8.5 million visitors annually.

When you leave the main street bustling with tourists and venture into the side roads you will be fascinated by the gentle sunbeams pouring down on the abundant greenery wrapped in unbelievable silence.

Built by Japanese in the era of Civilization and Enlightenment, and based on the important cultural property of Western architecture called the Historic Mikasa Hotel,
Otowa no Mori was established in Kyukaruizawa in 1982.
The designs that are combined with an exquisite balance of architectural styles of western countries are architectural designs unique to Karuizawa and continue to be loved even now without fading.

We offer weddings that satisfy the five senses of Karuizawa in the depths of tradition nurtured by the profound space and history created by sacred air.