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Shuttle bus information 【Winter only】

October 2 (Mon) ~   【Weekdays only】
■ Hotel → Karuizawa Station North Exit 10: 00 11: 00 13: 45 16: 45
■ Karuizawa Station North Exit → Hotel 10: 15 11: 15 14: 00 17: 00
※2018/12/29~2019/01/06 shuttlebus becomes the suspension

  • Rooms

    Hotel Otawa no Mori has been long loved by our clients for its quiet atmosphere and classical style.

    Our furniture style has been in use since the hotel was established. You will feel that your everyday life has left you behind as you feel a refreshing breeze passing through the court yard. Please stay overnight to feel and experience it for yourself.

  • Restaurant [ French / Wa(Japanese food) ]

    The Hotel Otawa no Mori is surrounded by trees in Kyu Karuizawa. We have a French and Japanese restaurant on the premises.

    Our French restaurant, Keiki、values and uses local seasonal food and vegetables. Our cuisine reflects and enhances the local produce.

    Our Japanese restaurant's, Otowa tei, specialty is Yakitori Kaiseki. This is a set meal, featuring chicken skewers cooked over Bizen charcoal fires.

    Please come and sample and enjoy our fine dining!!


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