• Kyu Karuizawa Chapel that are in harmony with the fresh green appearance in Karuizawa [chapel]

Otowa-Style Wedding [ Chapel ]

Kyu Karuizawa Chapel

The chapel was built as an affiliate of the Karuizawa Shaw Memorial Church under the direction of the Anglican Church. The weddings are performed in the orthodox Anglican tradition.

The picturesque white chapel stands in a quiet forest in Karuizawa, surrounded by the natural beauty of the four seasons. The interior of the chapel features a magnificent stained class depiction of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary, bringing a warm happiness to the hearts of all who enter.

  • In the chapel
  • Magnificent altar and stained glass
  • Father and bride and bride standing at the entrance to the chapel

Karuizawa Shaw Memorial Church

Built in 1895, this is the oldest church nestled in the tranquil forests of Karuizawa.
Founded by the Anglican minister A.C. Shaw, who is also known as the "Father of Karuizawa," Shaw Memorial Church is a place where many visitors gather to find peace in their hearts.

In this church, we offer weddings ceremonies in the Anglican style following in the traditions of Canterbury Cathedral.
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  • Karuizawa Shaw Memorial Church appearance
  • Karuizawa Shaw Memorial Church internal
  • Karuizawa Shaw Memorial Church drifting in silence

Marriage Counseling

All couples who schedule a wedding at this church will attend a marriage counseling session with the Anglican minister. By understanding the meaning of the Christian ceremony, it is hoped that the wedding ceremony will become more meaningful for the couple.